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Putnam County Cemetery Project

The Politcal Graveyard

The Political Graveyard is a work in progress, but is a great site for family if your ancestors were politicians. Only one name for this location, but feel free to let Lawrence Kestenbaum know about others who should be listed here.

Index for "Putnam County, Missouri Cemeteries", compiled and published by Sarah Lemen Philipps, indexed by Claire R. Lloyd, Kirksville, Missouri

Transcribed Cemeteries in Putnam County

This listing of county cemeteries according to the GNIS, provided by Sandy Whitsell, may not, in all probability, contain all the known cemeteries within Putnam County!  If you know of others, please forward them on to the County Coordinator.

A special thanks to Linda Nixon who transcribed Baugh, Buster, Cain/Ford, Chapel, Hinerman, Hogg, Hurley, Johnson/Mullenix, Summers and Worthington Cemeteries.  The links for those cemeteries are provided here with her permission and remain the copyrighted material of Linda Nixon.  Any illegal use without the written permission of Linda Nixon, the owner, is strictly forbidden.

The information on the Wyreka Cemetery is only a partial listing provided by another researcher.  If you know of others buried there and would like to contribute that information, please contact the County Coordinator.  Thank you.

Agee Cemetery (gone)
Anders Cemetery
Baugh Cemetery
Baugher Cemetery
Berry Cemetery
Bland Cemetery
Bratcher Cemetery
Brooks Cemetery
Bunker Cemetery
Busby Cemetery
Buster Cemetery
Cain/Ford Cemetery
Cason Cemetery
Central City Cemetery
Chapel Cemetery
Clemmons Cemetery
Coffrin Cemetery
Cornelison Cemetery
Cox Cemetery
Crumpacker Cemetery #1
Crumpacker Cemetery #2

Cullor Cemetery
Dean Cemetery
Dickson/Bethany Cemetery
Dixon Cemetery
Dodson Cemetery
Elko Cemetery
Friendship/Brown Cemetery
Gish Cemetery
Goodwin Cemetery
Hargrave Cemetery
Hartford Cemetery
Hatfield Cemetery
Haynes Cemetery
Hinerman Cemetery
Hogg Cemetery
Howard Cemetery
Hurley Cemetery 
Hurliman/Hargrave Cemetery
Husted Cemetery
Johnson/Mullenix Cemetery 
Jump/McKay Cemetery
King Cemetery
Knight Cemetery
Lawson Cemetery
Ledford Cemetery
Lemons Cemetery
Lipp Cemetery
Lone Pine Cemetery
Loughead Cemetery
Lowground Cemetery
Lucerne Cemetery
Lunsford/Haines Cemetery
Lupton Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Martinstown Cemetery
McCune Cemetery
Medicine Creek (location unknown)
Mendota Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Mitchell/Smith Cemetery
Montgomery Cemetery
Mt Herman Cemetery
Neeb Cemetery
Old Baptist Cemetery
Parsons Cemetery
Pherigo Cemetery
Pleasant Home Cemetery
Powersville Cemetery
Riggins Cemetery
Rose Cemetery
Saint John Cemetery (east)
Saint John Cemetery (west)
Shipley Cemetery
Shoney Cemetery
Speaks Cemetery
Sprigg Cemetery
Stockton/Thorne Cemetery
Straton/Guffey Cemetery
Summers Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery
Torrey Cemetery
Trowbridge Cemetery
Tycer Cemetery
Union Church Cemetery
Union Grove Cemetery
Vance Cemetery
West Cemetery
West Liberty Cemetery
Wilcox Cemetery
Williams Cemetery
Worthington Cemetery
Wyreka Cemetery (Partial)
Young Cemetery

Putnam County Cemetery Locations

Location/Driving Directions
Graysville on Hwy 149
Lone Pine
Graysville on Hwy 149
Graysville on Hwy 149, small private family cemetery
Go south on Hwy 149; take the first left after the Rose Cemetery.  Approximately 1/2 mile on the left.
Located in Sec 18, Twp 65, Range 17 West; south of Hartford, Missouri, south of Blackbird Creek at the top of a wooded hill along its western edge and along the eastern edge of a hayfield.  Go west on Hwy W from Hwy 149 at Martinstown, Missouri and turn right (north) about 5 miles off Hwy 149, turn on the fourth rock road that leads off to the right.  Those who know this territory will find the correct road is just past the Roger Bushnell Property.

Thanks to Julie A. Barwick and Gary Lloyd for the above information

Please continue to help me find more cemetery locations in Putnam County.


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